Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access 2010

The powerful database application from Office


  • User friendly
  • Great interface
  • Integrated with other Office applications


  • Still challenging for newcomers


Microsoft no longer offers a trial version of Microsoft Access 2010. You can download a free trial of Microsoft Access 2013 instead.

Microsoft Access is the powerful database application from the Office 2010 Suite. It's designed to be used by professionals and novices alike.

For years, Microsoft Access was one of their most arcane and inaccessible applications, but it's now much easier to work with. Instead of complex commands, you can drag and drop data into ready-made templates. It's powerful enough for large organizations, as well as being easy enough to use for smaller businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Microsoft Access is also helped by its total integration with the other Office applications, meaning importing from Word or Excel is painless and easy. Like all of the current Office suite programs, with Microsoft Access you can create files that can be simultaneously used by multiple people. There is also help for creating formulas in databases, meaning you don't need to be an expert to do it.

Microsoft Access 2010 maintains all the power of previous versions, while introducing the user friendly and attractive interface that makes Office such a great suite.

Microsoft Access


Microsoft Access 2010

User reviews about Microsoft Access

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  • by Anonymous

    This is the most unstable crappy program ever!.
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